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Laizhou Huarui Machinery Co.,Ltd is a casting & processing enterprise majoring in aluminum alloy metal mold casting, low pressure casting and extrusion casting,and especially is professional in hydraulic pressure fittings with high gas tight and high compact request , pneumatic fitting as well as other aluminum casting fitting with high performance request. The aluminum alloy casting productivity has amounted to above 1200 tons annually. At the same time, the company’s numerical control engine bed processing ability is excellent with several numerical control mills, numerical control vehicles and processing centers.

Through long-term accumulations of talented person, fund, equipment and managerial experience and other aspects, we already have quite high technical and business development capacity:
1.In the aspect of casting craft, low pressure casting is our primary craft, at the same time, we are involved in the extrusion casting and the metal mold gravity casting. We are especially capable in making fittings with high compact and high gas tight request and making strengthen fittings need heat treatment.
2.Regarding processing business of aluminum casting fittings we are engaged, we can provide start-to-finish service from mold design, fabrication, assembly, debugging, casting production and machinery processing. The mold expense is only 1/5 to 1/2 of the expense of conventional pressing mold, which show its absolute price superiority. For the customers who develop new products frequently and those whose renewal of products is quickly, the low price is really magnificent.
3.We are engaged in development & designing of the equipment related with casting industry. Existing products include rising head special saw cutter, four column shoot core machine, resistance crucible aluminum melt stove, thermostat oven and so on.
Customer market is the terminal of market economic development. Based on this concept, we deem our customers as god from beginning to the end. On the aspects of the R & D , innovation and improvement of the new product and other aspects, including the price of the goods, we will dedicated to provide the maximum limit support for you.

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      • Laizhou Huarui Machine Co., Ltd.
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      • hydraulic pressure air operated fitting, high-voltage switch (electric appliance) aluminum fitting, woodworking machinery fitting, automobile fitting.
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      • Golden Industrial zone, Laizhou, Shandong Province
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      • Zhang Haibin
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